Why buy Springfield

The Mee family has been hand rearing organic and free range poultry at the Herefordshire farm for nearly 60 years.

At Springfield Poultry we slowly grow all our chickens and turkeys with love, care and a healthy diet. In addition to this, our birds are given the freedom to roam our acres of Herefordshire pastures from dawn to dusk. Because of this healthy lifestyle with exercise, fresh air and access to natural pastures our birds are happy, healthy and full of flavour. Our dedicated stockman and his agricultural team also make certain our free range and organic poultry receive top level animal husbandry and never growth boosting hormones. Our birds have a good life. With onsite abattoir facilities, our chickens and turkeys lead a stress free life from start to finish. Our setup always guarantees minimal food to fork miles within the UK and total control of the poultry from arrival, to leaving the farm.

Find out more about the Mee family, the Springfield story and, most importantly, the great reasons to buy Springfield Poultry by clicking  here.

Down on theFarm

The latest from Springfield Farm, including recipes, health, nutrition and farm life.

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