Organic or Free Range Chicken Liver Paté

This classic French dish is perfect served on toasted breads/brioches and can be made a couple of days in advance of when you want to serve it. There’s a step for the garlic buttery accompaniment to the paté, if you simply prefer the paté by itself feel free to miss out this step.

Paté Serves 4-6


  • 450g of Springfield Organic or Free Range Chicken Livers
  • 300g of Butter
  • 3 Cloves of Garlic
  • 2 Sprigs of Thyme
  • 4 Sage leaves – Chiffonade (Thin Ribbons)
  • 3 Tablespoons of Madeira or Cognac

One of the best rules to remember for cooking meat in particular, is that colour means flavour. There’s exceptions such as poaching a chicken breast to infuse the flavours, but with a steak, or chicken livers etc, you want a nice high heat to brown the meat effectively.

Chicken Liver Paté Paté on Stove


  1. Heat 20g of the butter in a non-stick frying pan/skillet. Allow this to come to the right temperature by waiting for the butter to foam, then add in your chicken livers.
  2. Fry for a couple of minutes on each side, browning all over. Crush 2 of the Garlic cloves into the pan and add the leaves from the sprigs of thyme. Add your Madeira/Cognac and allow the simmer for 2 minutes more.
  3. Transfer the mixture to a blender/food processor and blend until you get a smooth paste. Season with salt and pepper to taste and place in your serving dish.
  4. For the accompanying butter: Add the remaining 280g of butter to a pan – the one you just used is fine. Thinly slice your remaining clove of garlic and add it to the pan along with the chopped sage leaves. Turn these in the melted butter for a minute or two.

    Sage – How to Chiffonade
  5. At this stage you can allow the butter to chill slightly, and then pour it onto the cooled paté. Or simply pour it into a separate serving dish. Placing it on top of the paté will help to keep everything fresh in the fridge.