Frequently asked questions about our organic and free fange poultry

How do we know the difference between our free range and organic chickens?

They’re grown in separate fields – this is to ensure the poultry cannot be mixed up. Apart from the feed they are given our organic chicken and free range chicken is exactly the same.

Is the grass and pastures the chickens eat also organic and pesticide free?

Yes all chickens are grown on pastures that are organic and pesticide free, this is better for the chickens and the environment.

What courier service do we use and how reliable are they?

We send our deliveries out with APC who are an overnight courier service which allows your order to arrive early the next morning at your home. All our deliveries sent with APC are guaranteed to arrive before 12pm which ensures a reliable service.

Are all your products from the UK?

Springfield Poultry rears 100% British poultry, all our products are produced in the UK and reared on our Herefordshire farm.

What is the difference between free range and organic at Springfield Poultry?

The only difference between our free range and organic poultry at Springfield is the feed the Chickens and Turkeys receive. Our Organic chickens are fed on an organic certified feed, however all our free range and organic birds are reared to the Soil Association standards.

Can I have my chicken delivered frozen?

If you would prefer for your order to arrive frozen we can arrange this to suit your needs. To ensure the order comes as requested we ask that you leave a comment in the box for special requests at the checkout. In order to keep the chicken frozen on arrival we include extra ice packs to keep the poultry well chilled.

How does poultry compare to beef nutritionally?

Cooked, a trimmed piece of lean beef has 3 times the fat of a tight-meat skinless piece of chicken. Chicken also provides a good source of niacin and protein. Turkey is the leanest of all meats with less than 1 gram of fat and 135 calories per 3.5 ounce serving.

Do you produce free range and organic turkeys all year round?

Unfortunately we only rear our Turkeys for the Christmas period as we do not see enough demand to make rearing all year round possible.

How do I get free UK delivery when I buy free range or organic chicken online?

UK mainland delivery is free for orders that exceed £59. For orders below £59 there will be a delivery charge. Orders between £39 and £58.99 will incur a £8 delivery charge and for orders between £0 and £39 will incur a £15 delivery charge.

When will my order arrive?

Orders received before Wednesday will generally be sent out the same week on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday (this can be subject to availability). Orders received on or after Wednesday will be sent out for the following week’s delivery.

Can I get my order delivered on a weekend?

The simple answer is yes! This is an available option at an additional increased cost, however we do not recommend as the price is a premium for weekend service.

How can I expect the product to be packaged?

All of our online orders are sent out in a medium or large cardboard box, which is insulated with foam panels to keep the products cool in transit. In addition to the foam panels we send the orders out with ice packs, which can keep the product chilled for up to 48 hours from dispatch.

How soon will my order arrive?

The order will usually take a minimum of two working days to arrive, for example if you order before midnight on Tuesday you’ll receive the order by Thursday. However if you place your order on Thursday the products won’t be delivered until the following week. If you would prefer your order to come on a specific day, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, please specify in the special requests box and we shall do our best to meet this request.

I can’t see the cut I’m looking for, can you help?

Yes no problem we’d be happy to help. Give us a call on 01568 760 270 and let us know what you’re after.

What are giblets?

Giblets are the heart, neck and liver of the bird. These come supplied with our whole Chicken and Turkey unless specified otherwise.

What are the different parts of the chicken called?


What happens if I’m out when my order arrives?

We’ve got that covered. When you place an order you’ll see there is a special requests box to tell us what to do if nobody is in. Ask us to leave it in the shed, take it to Mrs Smith down the road or call you on your mobile it’s whatever is easiest for you.

Where can I add notes or delivery instructions?

When you are at the checkout there will be an option to give delivery instructions or any special notes whether you would prefer the product frozen, skin on or off or even text you the delivery day we will endeavour to try our best.

What makes white meat white?

Muscles become red or “dark meat” when the protein myosin absorbs a lot of oxygen. This happens when the muscles are heavily worked. The breast of a flightless chicken is not exercised so it remains white.

Why do I have to make my password so secure when signing up?

Online security is a top priority at Springfield Poultry, for our customers and also our company. Our password protocol ensures that all sensative data used on our website is secure. If you are struggling to create a password, use the following as a guide:

  • Ensure your password is between 8-10 letters long
  • Use a mixture of capitals, lowercase and special symbols ( e.g. @#$;!/*)
  • Try to use a mixture of letters without making a word – this creates a secure password which isn’t easily guessed
  • Make a note of your password & keep it safe!

A strong example password is: guMdlyaq6&


Got a question that isn’t listed in our frequently asked questions?

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