Organic Chicken Feet for dogs Organic chicken feet in Springfield Poultry tray wrapped packaging Springfield Packaging
Organic Chicken Feet for dogs Organic chicken feet in Springfield Poultry tray wrapped packaging Springfield Packaging

Organic Chicken Feet – Suitable for Dog Treats


£5.45 per kg (Cheaper with multi-buy options)

These Organic Chicken Feet make for ideal dog treats. They’re a natural all rounder when it comes to nutritional value for your furry friends.

We pride that our Organic Free Range Chicken feet are high quality, with little or no urine burns. Unlike many intensively reared birds. This is because our Chickens are outside so often, roaming freely in the fields. But also because we litter our sheds frequently and if needed, sometimes everyday. Frequent littering means our Chickens have a fresh bed indoors with less likelihood for nasties to build up.

We’re great believers of if you can’t find the ingredients out in the wild, it shouldn’t be part of your diet. So ditch your shop bought stock, soup and sauce and make your own with a mixture of our Organic Free Range bones and meat. Try adding our organic chicken hearts for extra meaty flavour.


All our Organic Chicken Feet for dogs are tray wrapped. Unfortunately this item cannot be vacuum packed. This is due to the sharp nature of the bones, which would puncture the vacpac bags. All packs are approximately 10/15 feet per kilo. However this is just an approximate, exact feet numbers cannot be guaranteed. Whilst numbers cannot be guaranteed, we always supply our minimum product weight.

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Our guarantee

Springfield Poultry guarantees to only supply high quality, high welfare, fresh British free range organic poultry to our customers and consumers.

We believe that the way you care for your meat makes a big difference in how they taste. Which is why we ensure all our Chickens and Turkeys are out in the fields from dawn until dusk. Grazing, exercising and enjoying the fresh air.

Because our free range and organic birds are getting the best possible life, we can guarantee that the meat you receive will always be top quality and full of flavour. Sound good to you? You can read more about our guarantee here.

Recommended serving

We recommend adding your Organic chicken feet to your bone broth to create a thick and gelatinous stock abundant with glucosamine, a natural aid for arthritis.

This product should NEVER be cooked if serving to your dog/cat.

Please note: Cooked bones are dangerous for dogs and cats. Cooked bones can splinter which can pierce the stomach lining and cause problems for the dog’s digestion.

Our raw chicken bones are soft and malleable and are safe for consumption for your dog.