Organic Christmas Turkey Turkeys Springfield Poultry Organic & Free Range Herefordshire Poultry Delivery Boxes
Organic Christmas Turkey Turkeys Springfield Poultry Organic & Free Range Herefordshire Poultry Delivery Boxes


Organic Christmas Turkey

£68.12 / 1 pack

Treat yourself & your family to a Springfield Organic Turkey and find out why we’ve been rearing premium poultry for over 50 years. Reared for a minimum 20 weeks in smaller flocks with a GMO free diet and access to fresh pastures, our Organic turkeys are worth paying a little extra for. More space inside and outside means our organic turkeys are healthier & happier, which means ultimately they taste better.

All our oven ready, whole turkeys are supplied fresh, with giblets, hand plucked and prepared at our Herefordshire farm. Learn more about our traditional organic Christmas turkeys here.

Need help selecting a weight for your Christmas Turkey? Click here to see our serving suggestions.

Additionally, if you’d like some hints and tips on how to make your Turkey that extra bit delicious, visit our Christmas Recipe Blog page, from our friends at A Rule of Tum- Hereford.

Organic Turkey Delivery

  • Please keep this order separate from items you may wish to receive earlier than with your Christmas delivery.
  • Our Turkeys will only be ready for Christmas as they’ll be in the fields of Herefordshire for as long as possible in order to reach full size.
  • Christmas deliveries will be taking place week commencing 16th December 2019. Saturday deliveries are possible but will incur an additional cost which will be applied in your basket. For more information regarding our Christmas delivery, click here.
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Out of stock1 pack5 kg £85.15 £0.00
Out of stock1 pack5.5 kg £93.67 £0.00
Out of stock1 pack6 kg £102.18 £0.00
Out of stock1 pack6.5 kg £110.70 £0.00
Out of stock1 pack7 kg £119.21 £0.00
Out of stock1 pack7.5 kg £127.73 £0.00
Out of stock1 pack8 kg £136.24 £0.00
Out of stock1 pack8.5 kg £144.76 £0.00
Out of stock1 pack9 kg £153.27 £0.00
Out of stock1 pack9.5 kg £161.79 £0.00
Out of stock1 pack10 kg £170.30 £0.00
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Delivery charges

Free UK delivery for orders over £69.95

Order by Wednesday morning, subject to availability, for same week delivery.

Orders below £69.95 may incur an £8 to £15 charge. See delivery page for further details.

All online orders sent out by Springfield are via overnight courier service. Due to the fresh and perishable nature of the goods, all orders are delivered before 12pm.

For our reschedule or cancellation policy, please see our terms and conditions here.

Our guarantee

Springfield Poultry guarantees to only supply high quality, high welfare, fresh British free range organic poultry to our customers and consumers.

We believe that the way you care for your meat makes a big difference in how they taste. Which is why we ensure all our Chickens and Turkeys are out in the fields from dawn until dusk. Grazing, exercising and enjoying the fresh air.

Because our free range and organic birds are getting the best possible life, we can guarantee that the meat you receive will always be top quality and full of flavour. Sound good to you? You can read more about our guarantee here.

How to cook your Christmas bird

Remove your Turkey from the fridge 2 hours before cooking. Cooking straight from the fridge risks parts of the breast being cooked before the turkey cavity.

  1. Add the Turkey to the roasting pan & if you’re feeling adventurous stuff cavity with Thyme, Rosemary, Sage, Parsley or with Lemons and Oranges. Season to taste.
  2. Roast the bird on a high heat for the first 30/40 mins (220° C/Gas 7) and cover in foil and then reduce the heat until finish.

    4-5kg/ 8-11lb birds: Roast for 3 hours at 160° C/ gas 3. 

    5.5-6kg/ 12-14lb birds: Roast for 3/3.5 hours  at 160° C/ gas 3.

    6.5-9kg/ 15-20lb birds: Roast for 3.5/ 4.5 hours at 160° C/ gas 3.

  3. To brown the Turkey return the oven to a high heat (220° C/Gas 7) for the final 30 mins and remove foil.
  4. To test the meat is cooked, if you don’t have a thermometer, pierce the thickest part of the thigh with a small sharp knife & the juices given off from the meat should run clear. If they are at all pink in colour return the turkey to the oven and cook until the juices run clear.
  5. Leave the turkey to rest for 30 - 45 mins before carving; this makes for a really tender turkey as the juices redistribute throughout the meat.
  6. Don’t forget to keep the juices from the bird to make your gravy tasty!