Raw food for working cats and dogs

Worrying about changing your dog to a raw food diet? Read this  testimonial to raw food diet for animals from one of our lovely customers, Maria and her two four legged friends Rosie and Bella. 

About Maria and her transition to raw food for her working dogs:

After 2 years and roughly £2000 in vets bills from upset tummies we decided ( very reluctantly ) to give raw ago, we had tried every brand of dried on the market with same effects. Rosie didn’t enjoy mealtimes at all. It was an awful time. Walks were a nightmare, I took bottles water to clean up as her poo’s were liquid.
Switching to raw wasn’t easy, to start with she refused’ so I flash fried it, she ate it like that, gradually I reduced how much it was cooked until raw…. she was hooked!
She had a 2 week kind of detox where her poos were quite yuk, jelly and black… very soon her poos became tiny and hard and no nasty smells.
The last 4 years she has only visited the vet for boosters ….my vet totally disagrees with raw, but I guess it’s not good for business having healthy dogs.
Bella our 2nd Cockapoo who we re homed a year ago, she was underweight and apparently loved her dried food! I switched her straight away, I didn’t wean her at just straight swap with no problems at all! She’s gained weight and is another fit & healthy dog.
They both love mealtimes so much. It’s such great value too, even more so without the vets bills.
Best thing we’ve ever done I would never feed dried again. Their coats are glossy, no wind, their ears are clean & another huge bonus with Rosie was her teeth, the vet said she would need to be sedated to clean her teeth (£100 plus!) after 6 months on raw the vet asked what I had used as her teeth were fantastic now! This I guess is from the bone along with Springfield chicken necks and ribs I feed them.

Maria 🐾🐾🐾

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