The Springfield 12 Days of Christmas

Our 12 Days of Christmas (news from us every other day) will make you feel like part of the Springfield family.

During the build-up to Christmas we want to keep you up to date with festive news from the farm as well as thank you for your continuous support.

Day 1
Advent, from the Latin word adventus, meaning arrival, refers to the arrival of Jesus Christ.

Originally advent calendars would have poems or pictures in them but towards the end of the 1950’s, chocolate advent calendars re-appeared and started to spread across the world.

Day 2

For day 2 we’re running a Christmas hamper competition! Visit our Facebook and Twitter pages to find more details and make sure you’re signed up to our newsletters.

Day 3

A bit of a different newsletter for us as our attention turns to another of our holiday pastimes – watching movies! Today marks Walt Disney’s birthday and as we’re sure your family will have a Disney film on the TV at some point this Christmas – check our newsletter for some of our favourite characters you might see!

Day 4

Even we can’t believe how organised everyone seems to be this year! We haven’t sold out of so much of our Christmas stock this early and so we’re encouraging you to get your orders in as early as possible.

Day 5

How to get your very own Christmas mini-fridge this Christmas: Every Turkey order placed this year for delivery will be supplied in a large polystyrene box with double the usual ice-packs. We know that many of you are short of fridge space and so a rotation system with the ice packs in this box will keep your Turkey completely fresh until it’s time to cook.

Day 6

A Christmas that’s green without being mean! The Soil Association sets the standards for most Organic products across the country. Of course, organic is not just associated with food, but applies to so many elements of Christmas including the gifts we buy and the way we decorate!

Day 7

Why buy from Springfield Poultry? There’s plenty of reasons why you should buy from us or at least be making sure that you’re eating poultry and other food products from sustainable sources with a reputation for top animal welfare. Above and beyond this is our aspiration to make our poultry as happy as possible. The better life they live, the better the end product is for you!